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Recalls & Safety

Product Recalls Helping to Keep Your Family Safe — As a consumer advocate, we are committed to helping keep you and your family safe. Although recent product recalls have repeatedly made the headlines, if you are not reading, watching, or listening in the right place, you may miss the news.  This is especially true when there have been so many recalls in such a short period of time.

Several federal agencies or depart­ments share respon­si­bility for making sure products sold in the United States are safe. Oversight of drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, and most foods falls under the Food and Drug Admin­is­tration (FDA).  The United States Department of Agriculture regulates meat quality. The National Highway Traffic Safety Admin­is­tration regulates cars.  Toy safety is regulated by the Consumer Products Safety Admin­is­tration.

The steps that lead to a product recall are different with each agency, but the following FDA plan is fairly typical: Recalls are actions taken to remove a product from the market because it may be harmful to the consumer. It can mean halting distri­b­ution of the product and removing it from store shelves.

Inter­est­ingly, reimbursing customers who have already purchased the product is not required by the FDA.  A recall can be made on a manufacturer’s or distributor’s own initiative, or the FDA can request or order a recall.  The FDA has the authority to require the recall of infant formula, certain drugs, and certain medical devices. As for other products regulated by the FDA, the agency informs the manufac­turer of its concern and if it refuses to take action, the FDA can issue a press release stating the problems. The FDA sets guide­lines under the Code of Federal Regula­tions that leaves the respon­si­bility of product recalls to the companies.

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