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Handling Serious Injury and Death Cases Since 1974

Anyone injured in an accident can tell you physical pain and injuries are not the only consequences of being hurt in an accident. Many times, injured victims suffer from emotional trauma and stress brought about by being hurt, and they are concerned about their future and their families, worried that their medical bills will go unpaid due to lost income from their inability to work.

If someone is responsible for causing an accident with injuries, they need to be held accountable for their negligent behavior. This not only helps the injured victim but also reminds irresponsible people that there are consequences to their actions if they act without regard for human life and limb.

There are many scenarios where innocent parties are injured due to others’ negligence.

  1. A driver who paid more attention to their cell phone than they did to properly drive their car.
  2. An overworked semi-truck driver who falls asleep at the wheel that resulted in an accident with injuries.
  3. A shopper who slips and falls in a store where moisture had collected on the floor and was not properly removed.

These are but a small example of scenarios where innocent people are injured due to the carelessness of others. At Terrell Hogan we represent these types of injuries both minor and catastrophic.

The St. Augustine Trial Attorneys at Terrell Hogan have helped thousands of injured victims throughout Florida and the southeast. We handle all types of injury cases resulting from another’s person’s negligence. If you or a loved one have been injured due to someone else’s carelessness, we can help you seek just compensation for your injuries.

Our experienced team of attorneys, legal assistants, medical experts and accident investigators assist in identifying the causes and evidence needed to protect our clients and their case. We handle all of the details involved in your case, from start to finish. Our collective goal is a successful outcome in either settlement or at trial. We fight just as hard for a “small” case as we do for a big case. If you would like to discuss your case contact us today at 904-722-2228 for a free, no-obligation consultation and find out how much your case may be worth.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Terrell Hogan Handles

Our team of knowledgeable attorneys work in all areas of personal injury law including:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Truck and Semi Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Prescription and Drug Mistakes
  • Slip and Falls
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Product Liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Wrongful Death Cases

In the tragic event someone loses their life as a result of someone’s negligence, we file what is referred to as a wrongful death claim on their behalf. We’ve represented countless victims when they were no longer available to represent themselves. We understand that no amount of money can bring back a loved one, but we can work to help the living get fair compensation for their loss.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Florida?

Florida’s personal injury statute of limitations is four years from the date of the injury or injury discovery, with very few exceptions. This means you have to file a complaint to start a lawsuit in Florida within those four years from the date of your incident.

You should, however, consult with one of our experienced injury attorneys as soon as possible after an accident with injuries has occurred. This will ensure you have the proper legal representation to investigate, collect evidence, and take the initial steps of filing to receive fair compensation for those injuries. Insurance companies act very swiftly when one of their insured is involved in an accident. Don’t become a victim again by not having adequate legal representation.

Remember, it’s up to you or a family member to file a personal injury lawsuit. The police, county investigators, or the city will not do so on your behalf.

Then, one of our personal injury attorneys will determine who is at fault for your injuries and our team will then handle all the legal paperwork needed to bring a claim in Florida. We will represent your interest as your legal representative and resolve any insurance disputes, negotiate an acceptable award, or prepare for trial and let a jury of your peers decide the final outcome of your case and awards.

Why Do I Need a St Augustine Personal Injury Attorney?

The answer to that question is simple: to protect your legal rights to fair and just compensation for any injuries you have sustained. As the victim of a personal injury accident that was not your fault, you need professional legal, as well as medical advice as to what fair compensation looks like. Without it you might accept a fraction of the value of your case and not have enough money to take care of future medical expenses. Our team of legal experts consult with your medical practitioners to ensure your award is commensurate with your injuries. Insurance companies will try and reduce their exposure and your award, which in most cases means you don’t want to accept their offer without a fight.

At Terrell Hogan we hold those responsible for your injuries accountable either through the insurance settlement process or if we cannot reach an amount you approve, at trial. We are well experienced in representing injured clients in courts and have been doing just that for almost 50 years.

Additionally, we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that there are no fees or costs unless we win money for you. We explain the percentage we charge with you beforehand and deduct our fees and any costs from either the settlement or verdict that we win on your behalf.

Why Terrell Hogan?

We are known across America and the Southeast for our more than 45 years of handling complex injury cases. We regularly consult with less experienced attorneys who hire us to handle their client’s complex medical malpractice and large tort cases. Wayne Hogan, our managing partner contributed to Florida’s Tobacco Settlement Case which set a record for a tobacco litigation award of more than $23 billion dollars in punitive damages for Florida victims. Our Mesothelioma and asbestos litigation division, headed up by Alan Pickert, has handled hundreds of cases, involving 100’s of millions of dollars in awards for victims of asbestos exposure.

With decades of knowledge and experience, winning personal injury cases has become a habit for our firm and our clients. We truly have the knowledge, experience, and skill to handle any case no matter how complicated or technical, where other firms might simply put up their hands and let a more experienced law firm handle the case. Let us put that knowledge and experience to work for you. Contact us today for a free case analysis.


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