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Is Your Business Covered for the Losses COVID-19 Caused?

If your insurance company says “NO!”, getting a second opinion could be the difference between making a recovery or nothing at all.

As many local businesses are shuttered because of COVID-19, some know to turn to their commercial insurance policies for claims to cover losses from the business interruption. After paying premiums for years, some businesses are finding insurance companies denying that COVID-19 is a covered business interruption. If your insurance company says your business interruption is not covered by the business interruption you paid for, under the law that’s just their opinion not the final answer, and it’s worth getting a second opinion from an attorney.

Attorney Bradley Bodiford was recently interviewed about business interruption insurance by the Jacksonville Business Journal and First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross.

Am I Covered?

With commercial insurance policies sometimes running 100-pages or more, Bradley is offering complimentary reviews of policies to help determine whether a business’s losses are covered for coronavirus losses. At issue: whether coverage for a business interruption caused by a pandemic or a “direct physical loss” can determined. Policies vary greatly.  And, typically, any ambiguous language is construed by the courts against the insurance company since they wrote it.

If a business’s claim is unfairly denied for a COVID-19 loss, a lawsuit may be filed so it can be determined whether COVID-19 damages are covered by the insurance policy.  If the insurer improperly denies coverage, they may be required to pay attorney fees.

If you are a business owner whose claim for a coronavirus loss was denied by your insurance company, or if you would like to receive a complimentary review of your commercial insurance policy for COVID-19 losses, contact Bradley Bodiford at the Terrell • Hogan law firm at 904-722-2228.

Navigating Insurance Claims for COVID-19 Business Interruptions


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