Attorney Wayne Hogan, NAACP Life Member, Serves As Speaker Sponsor For Annual NAACP Jacksonville Branch’s Freedom Fund Dinner

Isaiah Rumlin, President of
Jacksonville Chapter NAACP,
Wayne Hogan and Hilary O. Shelton,
Director, NAACP Washington, D.C.

Hillary O. Shelton, Director-NAACP Washington Bureau, shared a message of continued work to do for civil rights and the power of focusing on voter registration for strong turnout during the 2020 elections.  Mr. Shelton was introduced by Attorney Hogan’s law partner, Attorney Leslie Jean Bart, of The Terrell • Hogan Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law Firm. The dinner included awards presentations recognizing individuals whose work in the areas of education, government, business, community service, and more, reflect the ideals, vision and mission of the NAACP. Many community stewards, including Sen. Audrey Gibson, joined Attorney Hogan’s sponsored seating.


The national NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner began in 1953 as a ten-year focus to intensify efforts related emancipation. The Jacksonville branch held its first Freedom Fund Dinner in the cafeteria of the Brewster Hospital in June 1963. The speaker was civil rights icon, Medgar Evers, the heroic Mississippi NAACP Field Secretary. Less than a month later, Mr. Evers was killed by an assassin’s bullet. NAACP Chairman Bishop Stephen Spottswood paid tribute to Mr. Evers at the NAACP’s Chicago Convention in July 1963, proclaiming “the NAACP Fight Fund for Freedom continue until the job of emancipating our people is complete.”


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