Honda, Acura Recall 250,000 Vehicles for Brake Problems

Honda has announced that it will recall 250,000 vehicles because the break assist feature on its cars may randomly kick in.
Approximately 100,000 Honda pilots, 60,000 Acura Mdx and 21,000 Acura RL from 2005 will be recalled. 800 Acura Mdx models from 2006 will also be recalled.
NHTSA recently initiated an investigation after hearing about two instances where a Honda Pilot began breaking by itself along with the steering wheel locking up. For their full report, click here. 
Honda has said that a potential malfunction of the Vehicle Stability Assist VSA) is possible. The malfunction could cause cars to apply a small amount of brake force involuntarily. Also if a driver applies the brakes, the car may break more than the driver had intended. Either scenario can increase the likelihood of a crash.
If you have had any experiences with these problems you should immediately stop driving the vehicle and contact your local Honda dealer for more information.


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