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Contacting our Office When you call us about an injury or death, you’ll most likely speak with our caring experienced client relations manager, paralegal Joseph Jones. For a decade, Joe has carefully listened to our new clients about what happened to them and their families. By understanding each potential case, Joe is able to work […]

By Joe Jones Semi-trucks and trailers are often referred to in the industry as “Land Locomotives.” Their operators have a duty to the public to operate their rigs in a safe manner. Like most events we call “accidents” in life, it is the exception to the rule that results in tragic injuries and/or death, and this […]

Operation Safe Drive on 95 – The Florida Highway Patrol is working with Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina in an intense effort to keep the roadways safe. Troopers from all four states will be looking for violations from drivers of commercial cars and trucks who are speeding, following too closely, distracted driving, making improper […]

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) announced its new rule that by May 1, 2018, all new motor vehicles, including buses and trucks, weighing less than 10,000 pounds must have rear visibility technology that expands the driver’s field of view, backup cameras. The purpose of this new rule is safety enhancement, intended to significantly […]

Angelo Patacca was recently a guest on WJCT’s First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross to discuss motorcycle safety for Bike Week in Daytona As a motorcyclist and Florida motorcycle accident attorney, Patacca stressed the key to staying safe on the roadways  is “see and been seen”.  He said being seen is helped by wearing “high-viz” […]

Bike Week starts this weekend. And, if history repeats itself, we expect that nearly half a million motorcyclists will descend upon Daytona during the 10 days of celebration. It is the unofficial start of the 2014 riding season. As both a motorcyclist for more than a decade and as a Florida motorcycle accident attorney, I have seen […]

Wayne Hogan appeared as a guest on WJCT’s First Coast Connect to discuss Florida’s new law that prohibits  texting-while-driving.  It went into effect October 1st. The new law makes it a secondary offense to text and drive and carries a $30 fine plus court costs.  While it’s a good first step, Hogan said much more needs […]

The number of motorcyclists on the road in Florida has steadily increased every year for the past decade. In addition to our resident riders, Florida is a popular tourist destination and a host to a number of motorcycle events. Unfortunately, as the number of motorcycles on the road has increased, the likelihood and frequency of […]

The nation’s four wireless giants -AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon – joined forces to launch the documentary From One Second to the Next, an anti-texting while driving film by acclaimed director Werner Herzog. The hard-hitting 35 minute documentary focuses on four people – victims and perpetrators of serious accidents caused by texting and driving, and […]

  “One text or call can wreck it all,” was the message Wayne Hogan conveyed to the Neighborhood Team Community Action organization on Monday night. Evelyn Coney, founder, invited him to give his Distracted Driving Presentation for the Workforce at its Gateway Mall meeting. Hogan discussed the dangers, consequences and science behind distracted driving. Despite […]

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