Recent Auto Recalls In the News

NHTSA Recall ID Number : 17V040
Manufacturer : Nissan North America, Inc.
Make / Model Years : NISSAN / 2015-2017
Subject : Rear Door may Open when Window is Lowered
NHTSA Recall ID Number : 17V047
Manufacturer : BMW of North America, LLC
Make / Model Years : BMW / 2000-2003
Subject : Driver’s Frontal Air Bag Inflator may Rupture
NHTSA Recall ID Number : 17V051
Manufacturer : Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing
Make / Model Years : TOYOTA / 2016-2017
Subject : Rear Step Bumper May Break after Damage to Bracket
NHTSA Recall ID Number : 17V061
Manufacturer : General Motors LLC
Make / Model Years : PONTIAC / 2006-2010
SATURN / 2007-2010
Subject : Front Passenger Air bag may not Deploy


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