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NHTSA Orders Takata to Expand Recall of Defective Air Bags

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has ordered Takata to expand the air bag recall nationwide. This will increase the vehicles affected and could require the help of Takata’s competitors to provide enough replacement parts to repair the vehicles in a reasonable amount of time. If Takata does not comply, fines of $7,000 per recalled vehicle could be issued.
Takata Resists Midnight Deadline to Expand Airbag Recall 
Congress is waiting to hear from Takata on its request for information on exactly when and how Takata knew the air bag inflators could rupture and why NHTSA was not told as soon as Takata knew.
NHTSA has also asked automakers to expand their Takata recalls to owners nationwide. Initially, NHTSA allowed a regional recall, focused on the southern U.S. and territories in hot and humid areas, as initial data suggested that the ammonium nitrate used in the Takata airbag inflators could become unstable in the presence of persistent humidity. Takata’s airbags have exploded with too much force, blasting occupants with shrapnel. So far there has been five deaths. The U.S. regional recall has involved 4.1 million cars, more than half were Hondas.
Automakers have announced that they are teaming up to investigate the air bag problem
Battle over Takata air bag recall likely to escalate
Takata to comply with U.S. order to expand regional recall: Nikkei
Brace Yourselves: Takata May Agree To Nationwide Recall Of Faulty Airbags
Legislators Want Nationwide Recall Of Takata Airbags, Introduce New Whistleblower Protections


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