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National Consumer Protection Week

This week the Federal Trade Commission is celebrating National Consumer protection week. As a consumer protection lawyer, I want to help ensure that everyone is treated equally by companies and to make sure consumers are protected against fraud and scams. My goal as a consumer protection advocate is to help fight for your rights and make sure that companies are doing the right thing by their customers by following the rules and regulations.

What is Consumer Law?

Consumer law helps ensure that businesses follow all the rules, regulations and laws that seek to protect consumers from companies that are corrupt or fraudulent in their business dealings.

Consumer law is regulated by both state and federal laws. The Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA) protects “the consuming public and legitimate business enterprises from those who engage in unfair methods of competition, or unconscionable, deceptive, or unfair acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce.”

Contract law, breach of warranties, and product liability are also legal causes of action which protect the consumer.

Consumer protection laws make sure that businesses follow the rules for safety and fairness. Those laws primarily focus on lawsuits to resolve conflicts; however, there are laws that allow criminal charges to be brought or criminal sanctions to be imposed when there has been criminal misconduct, theft, or fraud.

We Can Help

As a consumer law attorney, my practice focuses on representing people with consumer law issues including claims involving unsafe products, unfair and deceptive trade practices, product liability, breach of warranty, debt collection abuse, and accident injuries.

All hands on deck for National Consumer Protection Week

Consumer Law Covers Range of Issues


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About The Author

Picture of Leslie A. Goller

Leslie A. Goller

Leslie has dedicated her career to championing consumers – whether they were harmed by big corporations, dangerous products, medical mistakes, accidents, or an unsafe environment – no issue is too big for her to tackle. She successfully prevented an incinerator from being built at University Hospital (now UF-Jacksonville), which would have polluted the air with toxic chemicals and obtained significant restrictions of other Jacksonville hospital incinerators resulting in cleaner air.