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Asbestos In Your Cosmetics

It is well known that for over 40 years our firm has represented Floridians who were injured by exposure to asbestos. We are experts when it comes to finding the truth and advocating for our clients who are victims of asbestos exposure. Anita and I work every day to protect those who have developed asbestos cancers and mesothelioma. Sadly, asbestos continues to be a significant health hazard for those exposed to it even today. Asbestos comes in many shapes and forms and is hidden in products where you’d never expect.

In Makeup

Just recently the Food and Drug Administration tested makeup from Claire’s and the retailer Justice, who market their products to young girls and teens. The FDA’s safety alert reported asbestos in three product samples from Claire’s and one from Justice.

The FDA’s statement goes on to say that current law doesn’t require cosmetics to be reviewed and approved by the FDA before being sold to American consumers. It also said it wants to work with Congress to “modernize” the way cosmetics are regulated in the United States. Currently the safety of cosmetic products rests solely with the companies who make them and there are no legal requirements for any cosmetic product to be tested for safety.

FDA Warns Asbestos Found in Claire’s Cosmetics

In Baby Powder

Lawsuits across the nation against Johnson & Johnson are alleging that the company has known for decades about the possibility of asbestos contamination in its baby powder and other talc-based body powders, but hid that information from consumers. A recent report by Reuters said that Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that small amounts of asbestos had been found in its talc and powder products from the 1970s to the early 2000s and that information had not been disclosed to regulators or the public.

DOJ and SEC subpoena Johnson & Johnson in talc powder asbestos probe

Every day, cosmetics, baby powder and other products containing talc are sold to consumers across the U.S. – some to children under the age of 18, still in the formative years of development. These products are used as part of daily beauty and cleansing routines, often times on the skin’s most sensitive areas, like the face, eyelids and lips. That’s why it’s so important that cosmetic products are safe, properly labeled and free of contamination.

Worth Repeating

We represent victims of personal injury and wrongful death as they seek justice, and many of the lawsuits we have pursued have resulted in safety changes. Sadly, many of those changes came after someone was injured. It’s also why when Anita and I hear about reports of contamination we’re especially concerned. Because we continue to believe it is vital to try to help prevent injuries and deaths, we will continue publish warnings and recall information about the danger of asbestos in products.

If you or your loved ones were exposed to asbestos and consequently developed mesothelioma or lung cancer from that exposure, you deserve to have compassionate, capable, and experienced legal representation. We are here to help.


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Alan Pickert, a longtime partner at the law firm Terrell • Hogan P.A., has been handling mesothelioma, asbestos lung cancer, auto/trucking accidents, dog attacks, bike accidents, and vaccine cases for over twenty five years in Florida. He has successfully handled over 2,000 asbestos cases and over 400 wrongful death lawsuits and he obtained one of the largest awards in the history of Vaccine Court for a child injured by the DTaP vaccine.