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Thanks to everyone who support Evan’s Hope. There were so many great photos from our day, and in each one Evan’s smile speaks volumes, including his appreciation for you, his family and friends. It’s impossible to overstate how much your support for Evan’s Hope means. Evan wanted to share this message with everyone who took the field:

My dearest friends and family, there are no words to adequately convey my sincerest gratitude to you all for making this one of the most important and meaningful days in my life. While there may be no cure for ALS, your love and support have nourished me with a great antidote. I hope in the near future to see you and convey my appreciation to you personally. You guys are simply the BEST!

Evan wants to keep the rally going to continue the fight for a cure for ALS.
To donate to “Evan’s Hope,” Please send your donation to the address below.

Mayo Clinic
with this notation: Evan’s Hope Chest
Attn.: Sarah Smith
Department of Development
4500 San Pablo Road
Jacksonville, Florida, 32224

Together, we’re all taking a swing against ALS. 75 years and still no prevention, no treatment, no cure. But, remember, ALS is not incurable; the fight is underfunded.


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