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Medtronic Recalls Sprint Fidelis Cardiac Leads

What are Sprint Fidelis Leads?

Manufactured by Medtronic, Inc., Sprint Fidelis Leads are specific models of cardiac electrodes (thin wires) that connect an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) or cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D) directly to the heart. ICDs and CRT-Ds are devices that protect patients when life-threatening heart rhythms occur.

How do defibrillators work?

Defibrillators monitor heart rhythms. They deliver an electrical shock or rapid pacing to restore normal rhythm when life-threatening, irregular heartbeats are detected. These devices keep the heart from going too fast. They are surgically implanted for patients who are at risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

What is Medtronic announcing about the Sprint Fidelis Leads?

Medtronic, Inc., is announcing that it is voluntarily suspending worldwide distribution of the Sprint Fidelis family of defibrillation leads. This includes four Sprint Fidelis Models: 6930, 6931, 6948, and 6949. FDA considers this removal action to be a medical device recall. Medtronic is advising physicians to stop implanting the leads and to return unused products to the firm.

How do I know if I have a Sprint Fidelis lead?

You may have a patient card that identifies the implanted devices you have. If you have any uncertainty about your devices, you should contact your physician.

Does this action affect other Medtronic devices?

This action does not affect patients who have Medtronic devices that are pacemakers. While defibrillators keep the heart from going too fast, pacemakers keep the heart from going too slowly. This action also does not affect patients who have Medtronic ICDs or CRT-Ds without a Sprint Fidelis lead.

What is a medical device recall?

A recall is an action taken when a medical device is defective, when it could be a risk to health, or when it is both defective and a risk to health. A recall for an implantable medical device does not always mean that the device has to be removed.

Why are the Sprint Fidelis Leads being recalled?

The devices are being recalled because of the potential for lead fractures. These electronic wires are prone to fracture in a small number of patients. This could cause the defibrillator to deliver unnecessary shock or to not operate at all.


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