GM Recalling Over Three Million More Cars for Defective Ignition Switches

General Motors Corporation is recalling almost 3.2 million more cars – for defective ignition switches, again. This is in addition to the 2.6 million cars already recalled. GM states it has been notified of eight crashes and six injuries related to the defective ignition switches.
GM’s press release says that “If the ignition switch moves out of the ‘run’ position, there is an effect on power steering and power braking. In addition, the timing of the key movement out of the ‘run’ position, relative to the activation of the sensing algorithm of the crash event, may result in the air bags not deploying.” That’s “new” GM management-speak for: IF THE KEY TURNS, YOUR STEERING AND BRAKES CAN FAIL, AND, WHEN YOU CRASH, DON’T COUNT ON THE AIR BAGS TO PROTECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
The recalled cars:
Buick Lacrosse — 2005-2009
Chevrolet Impala — 2006-2014
Cadillac Deville — 2000–2005
Cadillac DTS — 2004–2011
Buick Lucerne — 2006–2011
Buick Regal LS & GS — 2004–2005
Chevy Monte Carlo — 2006–2008
At Terrell • Hogan, helping families recover from accidents and personal injury is what we do every day, but we want to help find ways to prevent injuries and deaths before they happen. So, until there’s a solution, Terrell • Hogan will continue to repeat the news of recalls of defective and dangerous products to help keep you informed and safe.
GM’s Press Release: GM Will Rework or Replace Keys on 3.16 Million U.S. Cars 
In Another Blow, G.M. Recalls 3 Million More Defective Cars 


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