E-Cigarettes are Ticking Time Bombs Ready to Explode

E-cigarettes got marketed as a safe alternative but the evidence shows they are just as toxic. This year, I wrote about the dangers of e-cigarettes  and the FDA’s new regulations. They’re called ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems).
Smoking e-cigarettes and the toxic chemicals are dangerous when used as designed and intended, but now consumers need to know e-cigs can explode, catch fire and injure users. The culprit has been in the news in the last few years: lithium-ion batteries.
From hoverboards to Samsung Galaxy phones we’ve learned lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous, flammable and explode. How? If the battery short-circuits or becomes too hot, the electrolyte, a flammable liquid, can catch fire causing the cell to explode.
Seeking answers and solutions to help protect consumers from this danger, Senator Charles Schumer calls e-cigarettes “ticking time bombs” and is asking the FDA to investigate, citing an Associated Press story identifying 66 explosions in 2015-16.
The facts: No cigarette is safe. Someday, the use of tobacco products will end. Tobacco is a public health threat and smoking/tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death. At Terrell • Hogan, helping families recover from accidents and personal injury is what we do every day, but we know that it’s best to try to find ways to prevent injury and loss before they happen. So, until there’s a solution to this worrisome problem, Terrell • Hogan will continue to repeat information on the dangers of tobacco products and nicotine delivery systems to help keep you informed and safe.
Huff, Puff and Explode: E-Cigarette Fires, Injuries on Rise 
Man Burned When E-Cig Explodes in Pants at New York’s Grand Central Terminal: MTA 


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