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Two clinical trials of Type2 diabetics taking Johnson & Johnson’s diabetes drug, Invokana, also known also as canagliflozin, have revealed that users are twice as likely to suffer foot and leg amputations than those given a placebo. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is requiring Johnson & Johnson to add new warnings about the risk […]

Andrew Pantazi of the Times-Union reported that the Florida Department of Health closed the first complaints filed against plastic surgeon Loren Clayman, M.D. finding no probable cause. Chris Shakib and Leslie Goller are confused and angered by the finding. “What’s particularly crazy is we’re not just talking about some isolated incident that one patient is complaining about, we’re […]

Throughout history, women have played a major role in our country.  Crafting the American flag, caring for those wounded on the battlefields, organizing on behalf of women’s right to vote, making space flights possible, and embarking into fields that traditionally leaned towards men. The study and practice of law is one such field. Arabella Mansfield of […]

Think you may be the victim of a scam? Someone trying to sell you something you don’t want?  You bought it, it doesn’t work; now what?  There are recourses for all of these situations, but many people either don’t know where to go or who to call, or they don’t want to “cause trouble.”  If […]

CBS News reports that a 19-year-old Illinois man may not be able to sue Samsung for damages after his Galaxy Note 7 exploded, caught fire and severely burned his legs. It happened when the phone was plugged in while he was sleeping. Due to incidents like this and airlines banning Galaxy Note 7 phones on flights […]

Terrell Hogan attorneys Chris Shakib and Leslie Goller filed lawsuits today in Duval County Circuit Court on behalf of three patients against Loren Z. Clayman, M.D., alleging medical malpractice and fraudulent misrepresentation that defective implants caused failed surgeries and post-surgical complications instead of the real reason: substandard surgeries. The suits also accuse the doctor and […]

We’ve written extensively about forced arbitration clauses and how they are bad for consumers. That’s because they strip consumers of their right to pursue justice in a court of law when they are wrongfully treated by a corporation. They must seek justice through arbitration instead, which typically favors corporations. Forced Arbitration Now, two million consumers, […]

Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA) provides high quality legal assistance to low income and special needs groups. JALA also provides energetic and affirmative advocacy, all to alleviate the effects of poverty and discrimination on the lives of our fellow community members. What holds them back holds Jacksonville back. Every September, Terrell Hogan attorneys participate in JALA’s […]

Lawsuit charges dealership with misrepresentation and fraud for not revealing car was damaged, in a wreck. There’s nothing like the feeling of driving a new car. One family learned a hard lesson when they discovered the new car they bought was riddled with damage from a wreck that the dealership failed to disclose to them. […]

After several major data security breaches from cyber-thieves at Target, Home Depot, eBay and other large retailers, consumers need to be more vigilant than ever in protecting themselves from being victimized. Consumer credit card information is like gold to cyber-thieves and when 70 million Target customers’ information is compromised, the damages add up. Retailers must […]

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