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Wayne Hogan Helps Crossing Guards Stay Safer on the Job

The 336 crossing guards who keep our kids safe as they attend Duval County schools were honored for their service at the JSO’s 19th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

The crossing guards learned they will receive an important piece of equipment – reflective gloves – to help them do their jobs, thanks to attorney Wayne Hogan, President of the Terrell • Hogan Law Firm, who sponsored the luncheon. Each crossing guard will receive a pair when school begins on August 20th.
“You have one of the most important and dangerous jobs in public service,” Hogan said. “We want to help protect you in your jobs and stay safe on the roads. These gloves will help,” he said.
And the gift couldn’t come soon enough. One crossing guard honored at the luncheon was struck from behind by a careless driver as she returned to the curb after helping a child cross the street. It happened three months ago. Fortunately, she was not seriously injured.
“Every day you place yourselves at risk. You do it because you love these kids. You’re their role models,” said Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford. “We are grateful for all that you do and appreciate the support we received today from attorney Wayne Hogan,” he said.
Crossing Guards Keep Our Children Safe!
You only see them for a few hours during the weekdays, but they have one of the most important jobs in public service. School crossing guards are tasked with ensuring the safety of our students as they enter and leave Duval County schools.
Crossing guards play an important role in the safety of children who walk or bicycle to school. They make sure children can safely cross the street at key locations and they remind drivers of the presence of those children. They give parents and caregivers a peace of mind about their children walking or bicycling to school. While their main job is to make sure kids safely across the street, they are also educating them on how and where to safely cross the street and to not to cross in the middle of the block.
It is a dangerous job. The number one cause of injury to crossing guards are motorists who are in a hurry to get to wherever they need to be in the shortest amount of time.  Being a crossing guard is a position that is filled pride and respect as crossing guards keep children safe. They are the children’s advocate from the time they leave their home until they reach their school.
The next time you see a crossing guard, take a good look at all of the things that crossing guard does for the children they protect. They truly put their lives at risk on a daily basis. Be sure to thank them because being a crossing guard takes a special person to do the job.
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