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Top 8 Videos That Prove: One Text Or Call Can Wreck It All

Distracted driving is an epidemic that steals lives. The dangers of texting and driving are well documented, but talking on the phone – even with hands-free  devices – is an insidious danger that many assume is safe. However, you could lose your life or take someone else’s if your brain is miles away on a call.
One text or call can wreck it all.
Studies show the crash risk of texting and driving is as bad or worse than driving while drunk, and although there are many hands-free devices available, distracted driving can still lead to deadly results.
According to several AAA studies, more than 70 percent of Americans falsely believe that hands-free devices in vehicles are safer. Using hands-free technology with your cell phone to talk or text while driving causes you to drive distracted and thus increases your crash risk because even a voice-activated system increases your mental workload and diverts your brain from focusing on driving.
Here are eight videos that prove hands-free distracted driving can kill.
We encourage you to share these videos with friends and family to educate them on the dangers of distracted driving.

Don’t Text and Drive
If you want to see what it would look like to turn back time and not text and drive watch this video. It will give you chill bumps.

US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – Liz Marks
Liz Marks tells her story how texting and driving changed her life and health forever.

Don’t Text and Drive – Kiwanis Club of Aruba
Just watching these real reactions to horrific events will make you never want to text and drive again.

Distracted Driving: One Call Can Change Everything
A daughter’s story about how her parents died from a distracted teenager causing a fatal car accident.

Volkswagen’s Texting and Driving Campaign
A Hong Kong movie theater demonstrates how checking your mobile device for only one second can cause a car accident.

National Safety Council – What is Cognitive Distracted Driving
This video shows how dividing your attention can kill. Hands-free devices are not risk free.

National Safety Council – Multitasking: Fact or Fiction
You may think you can multitask but, what does your brain really do when you are distracted? This video shows how your brain functions when you multitask.

Last World News – Don’t Text and Drive – Goosebumps
This video encapsulates how one text can kill you within a 30 second video.


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