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Terrell • Hogan Attorneys Initiate Bar & Bench River Clean Up

Terrell • Hogan attorneys Bruce Maxwell and Leslie Goller serve on the Jacksonville Bar Judicial Relations Committee, Bruce as the Chair. A Judicial member of the committee suggested that a community service activity with attorneys and Judges would be a beneficial event. Leslie, who also serves on the St. Johns Riverkeeper Legal Committee with Wayne Hogan suggested the St. Johns River Celebration 20th Annual Cleanup, an event held to reduce pollution ending up in the St. Johns River. Leslie volunteered to be a site captain and the Jacksonville Bar and Bench were assigned the McCoy’s Creek site at Hollybrook Park.
The morning of Saturday, March 21, 2015, Terrell • Hogan was the law firm with the most attorneys participating. Eighteen large blue garbage bags were filled with trash and eight large blue garbage bags were filled with recyclables recovered from McCoy’s Creek and its banks. Unusual items too big to fit into a garbage bag were also recovered: 4 tires, a front bumper, an orange traffic cone, 2 hub cabs, PVC piping, and more. It is estimated that this was over 360 pounds. Many nearby resident came up to thank and compliment on how much better the area looked.
Here are the totals for the entire River Cleanup results showing how much good was done by volunteers in one morning.
Year   Volunteers    Hours    Bags
2015         887           2,750    1,113
2014       1,110          3,177     1,314
2013       1,183          3,442    1,514
2012       1,002         1,822      959
2011         935           2,808    1,178
2010        1,002        2,620    1,606
Terrell • Hogan believes in making our community a safer place to live.
Click here for more information about the St. Johns Riverkeeper.


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