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Senator Audrey Gibson & Wayne Hogan Support Learning In and Out of the Classroom

Attorney Wayne Hogan of Terrell • Hogan Law Firm has long been a supporter and major donor to the St. Johns Riverkeeper. “The St. Johns River is a tremendous asset to the Jacksonville community and the health of the river impacts the quality of life for all residents,” Hogan said.
To call attention to this fact, State Senator Audrey Gibson, a paralegal at the firm, joined students from Sadie Tillis Elementary School on a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, “STEAMboat River” river tour, the result of a partnership between the Riverkeeper, CSX, Edna Sproull Williams Foundation, and the Duval County School District.  “I am overjoyed that I could make the trip with the kids!” Gibson said.  “I have been out to observe the algae blooms of late, but it was far more enjoyable watching the kids learn in their classroom on the river.”

Learning on the River

During the boat trip, students journaled what they observed in and around the river, learned how to use and read a refractometer to measure salinity in water, and other ecological facts. Many had never been on a boat nor “on” the river.
Hogan said, “ I support the Riverkeeper for our present and future, and the children are our future river protectors.”
The St. Johns Riverkeeper is an independent organization focused on protection and restoration of the publicly owned St. Johns River. The entity is a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance, the world’s fastest growing environmental movement, with over 270 Waterkeeper Organizations protecting rivers, lakes and coastal waterways on six continents. The St. Johns Riverkeeper accomplishes its missions by patrolling & monitoring health of the river on a regular basis; ensuring that environmental laws and regulations are implemented and enforced; advocating for sensible solutions and necessary policy changes to better protect the St. Johns; and educating the public about issues impacting the health of the river through resource material and program, among other mission driven actions.


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Laura Hack

Laura Hack is a paralegal with Terrell • Hogan. She has been with the firm since 1996 and has worked primarily for Wayne Hogan. She is an experienced Paralegal with 30+ years of working in the law practice industry. Skilled in Appeals, Civil Trial Litigation Support, Torts, Trial Practice, and Pleadings.