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Case Examples To Consider

At Terrell Hogan Law, our dedicated team of trial lawyers is committed to helping you seek justice and overcome injustice in various legal matters. From personal injury and wrongful death cases to business litigation, criminal law, real property disputes, estates/trusts, breach of contract, family law, tortious interference, defamation, premise liability, warranty, fraud, and negligence, we are here to advocate for your rights and interests.

Employing Our Firm. When you employ Terrell • Hogan, we are committed to you, a person, not a corpo­ration. This is your only case; because it matters to you, your case matters to us. So, when you need dedicated attorneys to represent you, we invite you to consider our law firm. At Terrell • Hogan, we will appreciate hearing from you, listen to your concerns, and answer your questions.

Examples of Results. Examples of our case results begin on this page. If you need an attorney to represent you, these may help you as you choose a law firm. The decision you are making is about your case and the facts; what happened to you, how you were hurt, who hurt you, and how it affected you and your family are specific to your case. In short, no two cases are the same. You know this, of course, and it is certainly one of the reasons you are being careful about choosing a law firm. And, just as certainly, it is also why no one can guarantee success in all cases.

Infor­mation about Clients. Keeping client infor­mation confi­dential is important to us, and, for that reason, the examples briefly listed here do not reveal client names or identifying infor­mation. However, if some examples seem similar to what you are going through, and you would like to know more about them, please let us know and we will ask our clients for permission to discuss the specifics with you.

Example Amounts. The amounts in these examples reflect the amounts the at-fault parties/insurers settled for or were ordered to pay, so they are the results before any deduction for attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses. None involved hourly fee billing, retainer fees or cost deposits by the clients.

We know that people, unlike corpo­rations and insurance companies, cannot afford to do that. When we agree to represent a person, it means we believe in the case and we have the confidence to take the risk that, if we are unable to make a recovery, the client will not pay fees for our work or reimbursement for our costs. Note, you will see that some examples listed are for cases where there was an agreement not to disclose the amount paid, so no amounts are provided in those examples.

To summarize, these result examples do not predict what will happen in your case, since each case is evaluated, handled and resolved on its own merits, and that’s as it should be when we accept profes­sional responsibilities.