Red Lights, Cameras and Dangerous Jacksonville Intersections

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO)’s Red Light Enforcement Program called “Respect the Red” came from JSO traffic studies to identify the Jacksonville intersections that would benefit most from red light cameras.  What’s the frequency of Jacksonville drivers running red lights, even with all the publicity about red light cameras?  In the first 3 months at 18 Jacksonville intersections, nearly a half-million dollars in fines ($158 each violation if paid within 30 days) have been assessed.  This confirms that, when the light turns green, the first driver stopped for a red light should double check to make sure there’s not a vehicle running the intersecting red light.  The camera system monitors traffic approaching from a particular direction (N, S, E, or W) and captures a vehicle that starts through an intersection after the light has turned red. Video is taken 6 seconds before and after the vehicle enters the intersection.  A police officer reviews the video to see if there is a violation.  If confirmed, an evidence file is created and a Notice of Violation is mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner and provides a web address to view both the video and a still picture.  The owner of the vehicle has to pay the fine even if someone else ran the red light UNLESS the owner protests and takes the driver with them to court to pay the fine. To see a current list of which intersections are being monitored by red light cameras, go to:
Jacksonville’s Red Light Enforcement Program

Approaches for Traffic Infraction Detectors
In addition, for safety purposes, knowing where motor vehicle crashes have occurred in the past may keep you from getting into a car accident. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol provide a List of High Frequency Crash Locations. The top 25 locations in 2012, and the number of accidents there, can be found at: JSO/FHP Combined HFC Sites 2012.
Of course, not all accidents are caused by a driver running a red light.  In fact, it is important to look at both lists, the list of red light camera locations and the List of High Frequency Crash Locations, as not all locations appear on both lists. There are more than 25 recognized dangerous intersections in Jacksonville.


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