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Hogan Consulted on Story: Minivan’s Airbags Deploy Without Impact

When a Jacksonville woman put her 14 year-old minivan in reverse, the side airbags deployed, so she called First Coast News On Your Side Reporter, Ken Amaro, for help. She bought the vehicle five years ago and says that when, she took it the Mazda dealer, she was disappointed to learn the airbags were not on the recall list. Bottom line: she would have to eat the cost of replacing them or remove them from her minivan.
Amaro interviewed attorney Wayne Hogan for the story to find out her legal recourse. Hogan checked with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) database.
He confirmed the airbags are not under recall, but did find the minivan was the subject of other recalls. He recommended the woman check to see if recalls were repaired, and, if they were not, ask the dealership to fix them and, while they’re at it, to fix the airbags. He also said she could file a complaint with NHTSA about the side airbags deploying. If NHTSA gets enough complaints, it can open an investigation that could ultimately lead to a recall. Hogan said although the dealership appears not to be legally required to replace the side airbags, it should consider doing so as part of maintaining its good will with the consuming public.
Takata Airbag Recall May Expand Nationwide
With the potential of a nationwide expanded recall of Takata airbags, it’s possible that the minivan may be included in a future recall, so consumers should keep checking NHTSA’s site. Certain vehicles with Takata airbags were recalled because the airbag inflators could explode, causing metal shrapnel to injure – even kill – drivers. The recalls were regional in areas of high humidity, including the Southeast United States and US territories.
The US Government demanded Takata Corp expand its recall of vehicles with Takata driver-side airbags nationwide, but Takata refused, according to new reports. Today Honda Motor Co. announced it is expanding its recall of vehicles with Takata driver-side airbags.


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