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Hogan Brings Distracted Driving Message to Northside


“One text or call can wreck it all,” was the message Wayne Hogan conveyed to the Neighborhood Team Community Action organization on Monday night. Evelyn Coney, founder, invited him to give his Distracted Driving Presentation for the Workforce at its Gateway Mall meeting.
Hogan discussed the dangers, consequences and science behind distracted driving. Despite our high-tech, multi-tasking society, it’s hard to do two things at once, and do them well. For example, when driving and talking on the phone, our brains actually switch between the two tasks. He pointed out that almost every driver these days has had the experience of missing an interstate exit while talking on a cell phone.
Hogan admitted to the audience that he talked on the phone while driving in the past, but when he really dug into the facts, he stopped doing it and considers himself lucky that he didn’t get into an accident. “The only job we have when we are at the wheel of a car is to drive,” Hogan said. “It’s not to sell real estate, catch up with your relative or call in an order.” One way to guard against the temptation to pick up the phone is to change your voicemail message to say, “I’m driving now, so I can’t take your call. Please leave a message.” This not only reminds the driver, but also brings awareness to callers about the issue.
He also delved into the legal consequences, civil liability and brand damage to a company when distracted driving accidents happen. “There is not only the guilt of taking a life, but also the impact it could have on a company’s reputation if an employee kills someone while driving distracted.”
Terrell • Hogan offers this complimentary presentation to local businesses, non-profit and church groups as a public service. The firm’s Distracted Driving Presentation for the Workforce was inspired by the Casey Feldman Foundation and EndDD.org. in honor of the 21 year-old who was killed after a distracted driver struck her as she crossed the street. Casey’s parents created the End Distracted Driving educational presentation for teen drivers and shared it with attorneys nationwide to take into their local schools. They have reached almost 100,000 students since the program began. Terrell • Hogan continues to make this presentation to area high schools.


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