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Florida Highways: Rank Among Nation’s Most Dangerous
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Three Florida highways ranked in the nation’s top ten most dangerous highways according to EverQuote’s October 2016 report. The study is based on an announcement from the U.S. Department of Transportation that traffic fatalities grew 10.4% during the first six months of 2016 compared with the same timeframe in 2015.

The report states that the “increase may be a result of a stronger economy, lower gas prices and more drivers on the road —- but the upsurge is likely indicative of more than that.” The report went on to say that “Distracted driving is truly an epidemic in America, and this percentage is yet another reminder that our driving habits need to change.”

The List

The report analyzed a Fatality Analysis Reporting System from the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (FARS) eviewing the years of 2010-2015 and comparing it to their safe-driving app called EverDrive that represented more than 6 million trips and 80 million miles of driving. Florida had three routes in the top ten list:

  1. Interstate 4— Tampa to Daytona Beach (132 miles; 1.41 fatalities per mile)
  2. Interstate 45 — Dallas to Houston
  3. Interstate 17 — Phoenix to Flagstaff, Ariz.
  4. Interstate 30 -— Fort Worth, Tex., to Little Rock, Ark.
  5. Interstate 95— Miami to Houlton, Maine (1,926 miles; 0.89 fatalities per mile)
  6. Interstate 19 — Nogales, Mexico, to Tucson, Ariz.
  7. Interstate 10— Santa Monica, Calif., to Jacksonville (2,460 miles; 0.85 fatalities per mile)
  8. Interstate 37 — Corpus Christi to San Antonio, Tex.
  9. Interstate 26 — Kingsport, Tenn., to Charleston, S.C.
  10. Interstate 97 — Annapolis, Md., to Baltimore.

Every day we represent victims of personal injury and wrongful death as they seek justice, but helping prevent accidents and injuries is also a constant focus. We think it’s important to try to find ways to prevent injuries and deaths before they happen. That’s why we feel it’s important to help spread this life-saving information about Florida’s highway dangers and the dangers of distracted driving. The Terrell • Hogan Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign was inspired by the Casey Feldman Foundation and EndDD.org, in memory of Casey Feldman, a 21 year-old pedestrian who was killed in a crosswalk by a distracted driver. To schedule a free presentation call Terrell • Hogan at (904) 632-2424.
Florida Highways Ranked Most Dangerous in US 


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