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EdSpark Venue at One Spark Exceeds Expectations

Attorney Wayne Hogan was pleased to help support the Schultz Center’s EdSpark Initiative. Wayne donated underwriting spots on WJCT 89.9 FM to get the word out about EdSpark. With the 2014 One Spark now in the history books, the Schultz Center could not be more pleased with its first effort curating a venue themed to include students, educators and others interested in improving the way children learn.
“#EdSpark raised the bar on what it means to be a One Spark venue and made a significant statement about the innovation and passion waiting to be unleashed among our students, educators and community members who place children and learning as a community priority,” said Deborah Gianoulis, CEO of the Schultz Center.
More than 15,000 visitors, adults and children, engaged with 45 creators housed in the Wells Fargo building during the five days of the festival. “In fact,” added Gianoulis, “many families came back for more, describing the experience as a hands-on children’s museum that their children did not want to leave. We also provided field trip scholarships for more than 1200 students who were able to experience #EdSpark, and the One Spark festival, with their schools or after-school programs.”
As curator of the #EdSpark venue, the Schultz Center offered unprecedented support to its creators, sponsoring workshops to develop business plans, marketing strategies and presentation skills as well as free office space to meet and plan in the months leading up to One Spark
During the festival, creators at #EdSpark enjoyed an on-site creator lounge stocked everyday with beverages and food provided by local businesses and nonprofits. And, during an opening day reception on Wednesday, Mayor Alvin Brown welcomed creators and encouraged them to pursue their dreams before touring the entire venue, speaking to every creator.
To help lure visitors to the venue, Schultz Center staff went out into streets throughout the festival, shooting tee shirts into the crowds and launching beach balls into the air.
All of these efforts provided the creators at #EdSpark with good results:

  • Four #EdSpark creators finished in the top 25 vote getters of One Spark
  • Four #EdSpark creators finished in the top 10 within their categories of  Science, Technology and Innovation
  • One #EdSpark creator, Farm to Truck, claimed the second prize in the Innovation category and was one of the top three vote getters of the entire festival
  • Two #EdSpark creators were among 15 creators selected by jurors to pitch their projects on the main stage, shark tank style, for a shot at a $10,000 prize.

Becki Couch, chair of the Duval County School Board, remarked when touring the venue with her family, “This is what learning should be like for children every day.” If the 45 creators who participated in #EdSpark have anything to do with it, that’s what our children can expect in the near future.
“We have always been strongly committed to public service, and believe giving back to the community is an important part of our professional responsibility,” said Wayne Hogan, president of Terrell • Hogan. “We are thrilled about the success of EdSpark at One Spark. One Spark is about connecting ideas to resources, and the belief that those ideas can come from anywhere. The Schultz Center’s unwavering commitment to innovation, makes it the perfect place create a venue for education-based projects like EdSpark.”
About the Schultz Center: The Schultz Center is dedicated to developing and delivering the best educational practices, maximizing effective and efficient use of resources, and coordinating the collaboration of regional assets. The Center is designed to enhance the professional skills of all education professionals. An independent, non-profit corporation, the Schultz Center provides professional development services with the goal of raising student achievement.
In addition, the Schultz Center is a state-of-the-art training and conference facility based on the design of Fortune 500 corporate training facilities. Spacious, elegant, and equipped with top of the line furniture, equipment, and technology, the Center is an accessible, affordable and available venue for training and conference of all sizes. 


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