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Consumer Tip: Write the Full Year “2020”


Starting this year, make sure that you write all numbers when you write the year 2020.

Don’t abbreviate by writing the year as only “/20”,  i.e. 1/1/20.

Why does this matter?

If you use the abbreviated form, the date can be altered by merely adding 2 numbers after the 20 to change the year – i.e. 1/1/2019 or 1/1/2000, etc.

 This can have unfortunate legal consequences, such as:

If you wrote only “/20” for the year on a check- it could be cashed now by internet presentation, and then potentially cashed again in 2021 by merely adding the numbers 21 at the end.

The term of a contract can also be altered when the abbreviation “/20” is used for the year.  Say you signed a purchase contract for something with a 4 year warranty but dated it using the abbreviation “/20”. After the fact, the contract could be altered by adding 16 to the end of “/20”, thereby negating the 4 year warranty.

Fraudsters are crafty, but don’t offer them an easy opportunity to defraud you by not writing the full 2020.

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Leslie has dedicated her career to championing consumers – whether they were harmed by big corporations, dangerous products, medical mistakes, accidents, or an unsafe environment – no issue is too big for her to tackle. She successfully prevented an incinerator from being built at University Hospital (now UF-Jacksonville), which would have polluted the air with toxic chemicals and obtained significant restrictions of other Jacksonville hospital incinerators resulting in cleaner air.