7/7/11 – Fish Consumption Advisory Issued For Hogan Creek, Long Branch

The Duval County Health Department is recommending that people not eat largemouth bass or striped mullet caught in Hogan Creek, and also to not eat bass or blue tilapia caught in Long Branch.
The advisory was issued Wednesday morning after a Florida Department of Heath and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency analysis of fish collected from tributaries to the St. Johns River.
In Hogan Creek, the concern is about the concentration of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in fish caught in that water. In Long Branch, the concern is over pesticide contamination, particularly dieldrin.
EPA Report: Jacksonville Environmental JusticeFish Tissue Assessment
“The concentration of contaminants found in the mentioned fish species from these creeks could pose a health concern for the people who eat them,” according to the release issued jointly by the Health Department and the city of Jacksonville.
The two waterways were studied because they are highly urbanized, surrounded by residential, commercial and light industrial facilities that are known to be impaired due to fecal coliform. They are also popular fishing spots for inner-city residents.
Two public meetings are scheduled to answer questions about the fish assessment program and consumption advisory:
For additional health information, visit Duval County’s Health Department’s website or call 877-798-2772 during business hours, or call the EPA at 800-241-1754.


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