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Consumers must protect themselves from unknowingly buying a salvage vehicle. With the flooding caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, flood-damaged cars will appear in the used car market. Historically, approximately 50% of all flood-damaged vehicles make their way back into the market. Modern cars that are flooded are hard to restore because they contain significant […]

Think you may be the victim of a scam? Someone trying to sell you something you don’t want?  You bought it, it doesn’t work; now what?  There are recourses for all of these situations, but many people either don’t know where to go or who to call, or they don’t want to “cause trouble.”  If […]

Sargento is recalling seven of its cheese products due to potential listeria contamination. The affected retail products are: Sargento Ultra Thin Sliced Longhorn Colby, 6.84 oz., UPC 4610000228, with “Sell By” dates of “12APR17B” and “10MAY17B” Sargento Chef Blends Shredded Nacho & Taco Cheese, 8 oz., UPC 4610040041, with “Sell By” dates of “H14JUN17” and […]

At Terrell Hogan, we are committed to representing people who have been injured and need someone to stand up for them, to speak for them. We help them seek justice and hold accountable those whose negligence and wrongdoing disrupted their lives back, often causing devastating harm. Trial attorneys stand up to big corporations and hold […]

Lawsuit charges dealership with misrepresentation and fraud for not revealing car was damaged, in a wreck. There’s nothing like the feeling of driving a new car. One family learned a hard lesson when they discovered the new car they bought was riddled with damage from a wreck that the dealership failed to disclose to them. […]

After several major data security breaches from cyber-thieves at Target, Home Depot, eBay and other large retailers, consumers need to be more vigilant than ever in protecting themselves from being victimized. Consumer credit card information is like gold to cyber-thieves and when 70 million Target customers’ information is compromised, the damages add up. Retailers must […]

US Senate and House of Representatives have come to agreement on legislation on the 40-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) that will revamp the laws overseeing toxic chemicals, and allowing around 64,000 chemicals to be regulated for the first time.  As a law firm handling products liability cases and representing people afflicted with asbestos, tobacco […]

Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty led a task force investigating the life insurance industry. What was uncovered was the life insurance industry failed to properly and timely pay life insurance benefits to beneficiaries. Instead, life insurance companies followed an inequitable industry-wide claims practice requiring beneficiaries to contact the insurance company. If the insurance company was not […]

The travel industry has reported a sharp increase in the number of complaints regarding fraudulent Florida vacation packages. On April 8, 2016, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services issued a consumer alert advising Floridians and visitors of an ongoing scam offering fraudulent vacation packages. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services department […]

Consumer law covers a range of issues such as unfair and deceptive trade practices, product liability, breach of warranty, harassment from debt collectors, and new car lemons. These are just a few areas we represent consumers and resolve in our consumer law practice. Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practices Unfair and deceptive trade practices is a […]

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