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James T. Terrell

James T. TerrellJim is the founding partner of Terrell Hogan. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, he received both his B.A. and J.D. from Stetson University. Jim also served as a captain in the U.S. Army from 1968 to 1970.


Baseball legend and Hall of Famer Roger Maris once said, “You hit home runs not by chance but by prepa­ration.” While Terrell Hogan founder Jim Terrell measures his success in the courtroom rather than on the ball field, to him, the sentiment holds true just the same.

Growing up, Jim was a standout athlete, playing basketball and baseball at Robert E. Lee High School on Jacksonville’s west side. He went on to play basketball for Stetson University, where he also earned his law degree. Though he has since retired from team sports, Jim thrives on a team of another sort – a strong team of attorneys at the firm that bears his name.

It was someone else’s mistake; however that demon­strated to Jim the very serious impli­ca­tions of performing unpre­pared. He was working as a defense attorney, repre­senting a taxicab company in a case where the driver rear-ended another vehicle, injuring its passenger. Although the driver of the taxi was at fault, because the passenger’s attorney was ill-prepared to try the case, the jury sided with the defense. The injured passenger received no damages to cover her injuries, and Jim knew that justice had not been served. It was then he realized his true calling — to protect the rights and interests of the victim.

Jim joined attorneys Hank Searcy and Tom Brown to represent the injured in Jacksonville, forming Searcy, Brown & Terrell in 1974. The firm was founded on the ideals that thorough prepa­ration and hard work were the keys to ensuring every case receives its due justice. It has since evolved into the Terrell Hogan of today, but those principles remain constant, and Jim has spent the past 33 years leading by example. He remains an active and involved attorney, continuing to fulfill his mission and repre­senting individuals in Northeast Florida.

Jim has spear­headed many signif­icant cases that have brought justice for victims and positive change for the community. In one such case, Jim, along with Terrell Hogan attorney Tim Ellis, repre­sented a sanitation worker who was riding on the outside of a garbage truck when he was struck by a vehicle from behind. His injuries were so signif­icant that his leg had to be amputated. The case revealed that when sanitation workers ride on the rear of the truck, their bodies would block the vehicle’s brake lights from behind. The result of the case not only provided for the victim, but it also helped convince manufac­turers of sanitation vehicles to reposition the brake lights for everyone’s safety.

In addition to an impressive legal career, Jim is an active philan­thropist and champion for the environment. He gives signif­icant credit to his assistant of 22 years, Susan Agle.

Jim is the team captain that any lawyer would be proud to work alongside and any client would be proud to have pinch-hitting on their behalf.


Stetson University (B.A., 1964)
Stetson College of Law (J.D., Dana Scholar, 1967)
Omicron Delta Kappa
Phi Delta Phi
Sigma Nu Fraternity
Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer
Florida Bar Board of Certi­fi­cation. [Capt. U.S. Army, 1968 — 1970]
Member of:
The Florida Bar, admitted 1967
Jacksonville and American Bar Associ­a­tions
Florida Justice Associ­ation
American Associ­ation for Justice

Practice Areas

Auto Accidents, Burns, Construction Site Accidents, Dangerous Machines, Fall Down Injuries, Florida Auto Insurance, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death

Cases & Awards

$2,500,000.00 Award for delayed diagnoses of cancer, resulting in death of teenager

$725,000 Settlement Auto Accident: Motor vehicle crash where victim required hip surgery; against the roadway construction contractor. (Jim Terrell and Patty Dodson)

$186,000.00 Verdict. Fractured arm and abuse at county jail. (Jim Terrell)

$560,000.00 Settlement. Auto accident case resulting in paralysis and amputa­tions. Claims are still pending against roadway construction contractor. (Jim Terrell and Patty Dodson)

Six Figure Jury Verdict. Against commercial plumbing contractor for discrim­i­nation. (Patty Dodson and Jim Terrell)

Seven Figure Settlement, policy limits. Auto accident case resulting in closed head brain injury and ortho­pedic injuries. (Mark Calvin, Patty Dodson, Jim Terrell)

$125,000.00 Settlement, policy limits. Automobile accident resulting in ortho­pedic injuries. (Jim Terrell and Patty Dodson)

$650,000.00 Settlement. Motor vehicle accident resulting in the loss of an eye

$17,000,000.00 Judgment. Motor vehicle accident resulting in quadri­plegia of 12-year-old girl and severe brain damage of 8-year-old girl.

$600,000.00 Settlement. Skiing accident resulting in brain injury of 12-year-old boy

$640,000.00 Settlement. Medical malpractice, failure to treat premature twins

$1,400,000.00 Settlement. Inade­quate apartment security resulting in rape of female

$4,000,000.00 Settlement. Medical malpractice, failure to diagnose bleed from head trauma, resulting brain damage (with Chris Burns)

$950,000.00 Settlement. Motor vehicle accident involving closed head injury resulting in brain damage

$325,000.00 Settlement. Medical malpractice, failure to offer Zoster globulin to newborn for prevention of chicken pox, resulting in death

$1,650,000.00 Settlement. Amputation of foot after forklift accident

$1,000,000.00 Settlement. Product defect/improper design of crane, resulting in death

$2,500,000.00 Settlement. Product liability/motorcycle accident, resulting in severe burns to two teenagers