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By Matt Sowell and Fadi Chakour Stroke leaves man wheelchair bound When a healthcare provider fails to identify and treat stroke symptoms in a timely manner, the results can be devastating. It is common for a person having a stroke to have slurred speech, babble, or have trouble finding their words. They may also have balance […]

Fadi Chakour, an attorney and medical doctor, is co-chairing the Stroke Litigation Group of the nation’s largest organization of trial attorneys, the American Association for Justice. He was elected to the position last summer at the American Association for Justice’s annual convention. In his role, Chakour educates lawyers with the latest medical research about stroke […]

Matt Sowell and Fadi Chakour, M.D. appeared on First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross to bring attention to Medical Malpractice Awareness Month. They talked about the third leading cause of death in America: medical errors, following heart disease and cancer. Dr. Chakour discussed what went wrong in Joan River’s case. It grabbed national headlines when the […]

By Matt Sowell and Fadi Chakour, M.D. People are often shocked to learn that medical errors are the third cause of death in America, following heart disease and cancer. According to a recent published study, between 210,000- 440,000 patients may die each year in American hospitals because of medical errors. This study and others teach us […]

Our 60-year-old client, George, was an avid artist, motorcyclist, black belt and self-taught musician. He was a mechanic who could fix anything. That all changed after he had a massive stroke. He is now permanently disabled and has double vision, trouble walking, depression and can’t regulate his body temperature. He relies on his wife to […]

Attorneys Matt Sowell and Fadi Chakour, national leaders in stroke litigation, were guests on First Coast Connect as part of Stroke Awareness Month. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death and the number one cause of long-term disability in the United States. They talked about the lessons they learned from the stroke cases they’ve […]

Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability and fifth cause of death. It effects 800,000 Americans and their families every year, according the Centers for Disease Control. Recognizing the signs of stroke, seeking immediate medical attention with the onset of symptoms, and getting the right level care are key factors effecting patient outcomes. Signs […]

Malpractice due to misdiagnosis of stroke symptoms As malpractice lawyers who specialize in stroke lawsuits, we frequently represent stroke victims who did not receive appropriate stroke care, because their symptoms were initially misdiagnosed. When a person has a stroke that affects their balance and speech, unless those symptoms are carefully evaluated, they can be misdiagnosed […]

Primary Stroke Centers may not be good enough anymore Introduction We have now represented numerous stroke patients and no matter how large a recovery is obtained in their lawsuits, no one has ever said that having the stroke was worth it. Universally every client has said that they would gladly give all of the money […]

Last Friday, a Michigan oncologist who, for several years, poisoned and unnecessarily prescribed chemotherapy to over 550 of his patients, some of whom resultantly died, was finally sentenced to 45 years in prison. Dr. Farid Fata, 50, sobbed in court before sentencing and said that he misused his talents and permitted this “sin” to enter […]

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