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Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc.Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA) provides high quality legal assis­tance to low income and special needs groups. JALA also provides energetic and affir­mative advocacy, all to alleviate the effects of poverty and discrim­i­nation on the lives of our fellow community members. What holds them back holds Jacksonville back.

Every September, Terrell Hogan attorneys partic­ipate in JALA’s Estate Planning Clinic, this year staffed by  Chris BurnsLeslie Goller, Wayne Hogan, Alan Pickert and Chris Shakib. While that is not the focus of our law practice (we represent victims of personal injury and wrongful death), our lawyers provided extra people-power to get the client infor­mation. This helps pro bono specialists in estate planning to help families 1) faced with problems; for example, the aftermath of a death in the family: the bills, ownership of a family home, ownership of a car or 2) making plans to deal with the circum­stances families face when death or disability occur so as to lessen problems and avoid family disputes. The “legal­ities” of such things can be daunting for clients with limited means and unsophis­ti­cated backgrounds.  JALA and pro bono attorneys help clients when the law meets their family circum­stances. “Helping JALA clients prepare to navigate the legal process was a privilege; it was a brief task for us, but an important step for them,” said Wayne Hogan, President of Terrell Hogan.

JALA Makes a Difference

JALA began when a group of Jacksonville Bar attorneys banded together to provide legal services to those in need. Navigating the courts and legal processes can be intim­i­dating and confusing. Often those that need legal help the most are the least able to afford it.

Public ServicePro bono involvement offers local attorneys oppor­tu­nities for profes­sional devel­opment and personal reward. Terrell Hogan partner, Leslie Goller, a former chair of the JALA Board of Directors, spear­headed the event on behalf of the firm.  Giving back to our community is important and JALA is a great way to make a difference for people and our community. Please consider giving your time and support to this important and useful organi­zation.

Terrell Hogan is strongly committed to public service, and we believe giving back to the community is an important part of our profes­sional respon­si­bility. Terrell Hogan gives financial support, pro bono repre­sen­tation and service on boards to many worth­while organi­za­tions and causes. We invite you to learn more about JALA and how they help make Northeast Florida a better place to live.