Wireless Giants Launch Texting While Driving Documentary

The nation’s four wireless giants -AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon – joined forces to launch the documentary From One Second to the Next, an anti-texting while driving film by acclaimed director Werner Herzog.
The hard-hitting 35 minute documentary focuses on four people – victims and perpetrators of serious accidents caused by texting and driving, and how their lives changed forever. Texting and driving puts everyone sharing the road at risk.  But we know that texting isn’t the only culprit. Distracted driving takes many forms  – talking on the phone, surfing the web, changing cd’s, eating or putting on make-up.  The main message in our  Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign, that  includes presentations for teens (End Distracted Driving) and the workforce, is a driver’s singular focus should be on driving and nothing else.  Research shows the brain does not do two things at once well; rather, it  switches between the two tasks. In the case of talking on the phone while driving,  driving becomes the secondary task.


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Wayne Hogan

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