Warning ! Counterfeit Air Bags Are Extreme Safety Risk

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is warning consumers that approximately three million vehicles that have undergone repairs after a serious crash could have counterfeit air bags in them. NHTSA estimates that counterfeit air bags are unknowingly in use in American automobiles.
Testing on the air bags has consistently shown that the counterfeit air bags do not work and in some cases upon deployment contain metal shrapnel.
NHTSA is advising consumers who have been in an accident during the past three years where their air bags deployed and were replaced in an independent repair shop instead of a dealership, to have their equipment inspected to make sure they do not have non-certified or counterfeit air bags.
NHTSA performed tests on of 11 fakes and found that most of them failed to perform, inflated improperly and some expelled shrapnel as they inflated.
Who to Call About Counterfeit Air Bags in Your Vehicle
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