Update: Federal Judge has Approved Remington Rifle Settlement

Ten attorneys general encouraged the court to decline to approve a proposed settlement with Remington. The settlement is for a deadly flaw in the rifles. Their reasoning is because only one percent of the Remington rifle owners have actually filed claims and it is estimated that there are 7.5 million owners of the defective rifles. The danger defect is a trigger mechanism that can supposedly cause the guns to fire without anyone pulling the trigger.
The judge who declined to approve the settlement agreement twice said he is approving it now because “in the end fixing some of the guns is better than risking none at all being fixed.”

How do I Know If My Rifle* is Affected?

If you are the owner of the following, you are probably included in the settlement: Model 700, Seven, Sportsman 78, 673, 710, 715, 770, 600, 660, 721, 722, and 725 rifles, or the XP-100 bolt-action pistol*.
What Should I Do?
The settlement means you can have your firearm retrofitted with a new trigger mechanism free of charge. However, some older models, the Sportsman 600, 660, 721, 722, 725 and XP-100 can’t be retrofitted. Remington is offering a product voucher worth between $10 and $12.50 to those owners.
Some of the firearms are being recalled and owners are being urged to stop using them and return them to Remington for repair. Those defective guns may fire without anyone pulling the trigger. The recall applies to Model 700 and Model Seven rifles manufactured between May 1, 2006, and April 9, 2014, and equipped with an X-Mark Pro trigger. To check to see if yours is part of the recall you can enter your serial number here to check.
Millions of Remington Rifle Defective Triggers Could Fire on Their Own


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