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Trucking Accidents – Helpful Links

We’ve compiled a variety of links to helpful resources that may come in handy.

U.S. Department of Transportation

TACT (Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks) Program. The information and tools provided on this Web site are designed to help States educate motorists about the dangers of unsafe driving behaviors committed by cars around trucks, trucks around trucks, and trucks around other types of motor vehicles.


U.S. Department of Transportaion: Cross Border Truck Safety Inspection Program

U.S. Officials Will Travel to Mexico to Conduct On-Site Safety Audits of Trucking Companies As Part of New Program Announced Today by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary E. Peters. Read “Cross Border Truck Safety Program” New Program to Allow U.S. Trucks into Mexico for the First Time Ever, Change Way Some Mexican Trucks Operate Within the United States. Read “New Program to Allow U.S. Trucks into Mexico”37-Point Level I Truck Safety Inspection Checklist. Read “37-Point Level I Truck Safety Inspection Checklist”Safe Travel

Safetravel.dot.gov: SafeTravel involves more than government regulations, including giving travelers the best advice and expertise of interested parties within the travel industry, as well as within government.
Visit their website: http://safetravel.dot.gov/

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA)

Hours of Service Log Book Examples: The Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations (49 CFR, Part 395) were revised in August 2005. Eight logbook examples are provided on this web page.

Federal Motor Carrier Association: Drivers Pocket Guide.

Federal Motor Carrier Association: Hours of Service Frequenty Asked Questions.

FMCSA Statistics

Analysis Results and Reports (AR&R). A collection of analytical reports on motor carrier safety developed by the FMCSA. These reports document recent studies on truck and bus safety.

Commercia Motor Vehicle Facts. 2006 Police-Reported Motor Vehicle Traffic accidents, 2006 Traffic Accident Victims, 2005 Fatality and Injury Rates, 2001-2003 Average Costs of Truck accidents (2005 Dollars), Registered Vehicles and Companies.

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)

2006 Traffic Safety Annual Assessment (pdf, 1.2mb)

Other websites

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. An independent, nonprofit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses—deaths, injuries, and property damage—from accidents on the nation’s highways.


Consumer Group Websites

Public Citizen. Because Public Citizen does not accept funds from corporations, professional associations or government agencies, we can remain independent and follow the truth wherever it may lead.

Because Public Citizen does not accept funds from corporations, professional associations or government agencies, we can remain independent and follow the truth wherever it may lead.

Truck Safety Coalition. The Truck Safety Coalition is dedicated to reducing the number of deaths and injuries caused by truck-related accidents, providing compassionate support to truck accident survivors and families of truck accident victims, and educating the public, policy-makers and media about truck safety issues.

Underride Network. The Underride Network is concerned with issues affecting accident compatibility between small and larger vehicles including all sizes of trucks and SUV’s. We support improved underride guards for large trucks and trailers; on the front, side, and rear!

Advocates for highway and Auto Safety. An alliance of consumer, health and safety groups and insurance companies and agents working together to make America’s roads safer.


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