The Widespread Use of Bisphosphonates & Reported Injuries

While trying to quantify the exact number of people potentially affected is difficult, Fosamax alone is taken by nearly 10 million men and women.- Since 2001, more than 2,400 patients taking bisphosphonates have reported jaw bone death. Most of these reports came from people who took potent, intravenously delivered versions of these drugs – An additional 120 people who were taking bisphosphonates in pill form have suffered from bone, joint or muscle pain leaving them bedridden or in need of walkers, crutches or wheelchairs.


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Laura Hack

Laura Hack

Laura Hack is a paralegal with Terrell • Hogan. She has been with the firm since 1996 and has worked primarily for Wayne Hogan. She is an experienced Paralegal with 30+ years of working in the law practice industry. Skilled in Appeals, Civil Trial Litigation Support, Torts, Trial Practice, and Pleadings.