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Please Tell the CPSC to Get Toxins Out of Kids' Toys

Urgent! Time is tight. On October 19th, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will vote on whether or not independent testing for toxics like lead in paint, lead content, and phthalates in products for children under the age of 12 should be done before toys hit the store shelves.
Tell the CPSC to vote YES on October 19th for testing kids’ toys for toxics BEFORE they reach the stores! Taking one moment to click the above link will help stop toxic products before they hit the shelves! The current system, where you basically have to have a home chemistry lab in order to figure out if you’ve purchased a toxic toy or not, isn’t working. The vote on October 19th is an important moment for us to make a difference for all kids (and parents who are shopping for gifts) in our nation.
This type of testing is sorely needed. Independent third party testing before products go on the market would insure the quality and safety of the products our kids interact with daily. These tests would include tests for lead and tests for phthalates. (1)
These are crucial tests. Lead is a poison. Even low levels of lead exposure can harm a child’s mental development.(2) Phthalates, a chemical used to soften plastics, can impair reproduction and development, alter liver and kidney function, damage the heart and lungs, and affect blood clotting. (3)
And now, we can help protect our kids from these dangerous toxic chemicals. Also, if the CPSC votes YES on this new rule and requires independent third party testing, then it would have the added bonus of reducing the amount of product recalls that parents have to juggle by making the toys safer before they hit the toy stores. Fewer recalls are a win-win for businesses and families because that means less returning of items to the manufacturer, less post-recall inconveniences, and fewer unhappy surprises when it comes to products in our homes. Fewer recalls would save businesses money, and save children from tears as favorite toys have to be returned.
The Commissioners of the CPSC rarely hear directly from families, so your message today will have a big impact. Please forward this email to friends and family–and also post the action link on Facebook. The more voices, the stronger our message.


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