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Making Halloween Safety a Top Priority

Celebrating Halloween can be spooky if you like or more fancy with all types of props and “glam” costumes. Most of all Halloween should be safe.

Decorating for the Big Day

Carved pumpkins make a nice display, but small children should not do the carving. Children should be designers only, drawing the lines with markers.

If candles are to be placed in a carved pumpkin use a fireproof container or those that operate on a battery. Don’t leave pumpkins containing any type of flame unattended, including outside. Watch for flammable items near flame lighted pumpkins indoors, including artificial flowers that are part of the decoration. These precautions are also true for the use of decorative bags containing sand and candles.

Putting the Costume Together

Make sure that costumes are size appropriate and flame resistant. Costumes that are too big or too long may create a tripping hazard for little trick or treaters. Limit accompaniments to the costume like long swords, pitch forks or sharp items even if they are made of plastic.

Add reflective tape to the costume so your trick or treaters can be better seen.

Masks and even wigs can be a hazard if they block the eyes in any way, check for proper fitting before sending out your gremlins and goblins. These same precautions should be observed if you are driving in in a more fancy a costume. Items that block vision or impede the ability to drive safely probably should be reconsidered.

Dressed up and out the Door

Adults should chaperone young children on their Halloween night out. It’s also a good idea for older children to go in groups with a set route and return time. Remember to provide flashlights and cellphones

Admonish kids of all ages to cross at corners or in crosswalks, not to go to houses without porch lights on, not to go inside any home nor approach any vehicle.

Organize your neighborhood so there are neighbors responsible for helping on certain blocks for certain times and look for malls or community centers that have Halloween events.

Is Your Porch Light on?

If you are inviting Halloween celebrants to stop by for treats remember to remove or place items aside that create trip hazards, like water hoses, garden tools, toys and the like.

Make sure pets are in a fenced area or at least in a place where they cannot frighten, bite or otherwise harm trick or treaters.

Let’s See What You Got

Trick or treaters are of course curious about what ends up in their goodie bag-it’s part of the excitement of the evening. However, it is important that parents remind children to bring all goodies home before eating any of them. Inspection of all items is an important safety element of Halloween. Allergic reactions to certain products can occur since all types of candies are passed out by well-meaning people. It is also a good idea to make sure all candy wrappers are secure and look for certain items you may not necessarily want your trick treater to have. Halloween should be fun, but it should also be safe.

For more information, visit Healthy kids.org


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