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Inflatables: A Safety Threat? Bounce House Injuries on the Rise.

Recently, Yahoo News posted an article questioning the safety of bounce houses (sometimes called “moonwalks”), those now ubiquitous inflatable structures that appear at carnivals, birthday parties, and newer inflatable recreation facilities. According to the first study on bounce house injuries Journal of Pediatrics, between 1995 and 2010, bounce house injuries have risen 1,500 percent! According to Gary A. Smith, M.D., one of the authors of the study, the medical community speculates that the sudden spike in bounce-house injuries is related to the increased popularity of bounce houses during that same period of time. The study notes that the typical injury involves fractured bones.
“Accidents can happen when big kids bounce with little kids and collide with each other,” Dr. Smith says. “If parents want their children to play on bounce houses, it’s best if kids of the same age and size do so at once.” Also, Dr. Smith advises that parents prevent children under the age of 6 from using bounce houses, and to always provide supervision no matter who is playing. “Flips and somersaults are also never a good idea,” he says. “In the worst cases, the risk of injury can even be paralysis.”
Bounce houses are now widely available along with inflatable slides at special recreational facilities such as Big Air, which until closing last year was located on Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville.  Terrell • Hogan attorney Chris Shakib recently consulted with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission about serious injuries suffered by at least 4 people in Jacksonville who rode an inflatable double slide called the Ninjasaur at Big Air. To learn more about the case against Big Air and the manufacturer of the Ninjasaur, click here.
At Terrell • Hogan, protecting families from unforeseen accidents and personal injury is what we do every day. We know that it’s best to try to find ways to prevent injury and loss before they happen. So, until there’s a solution to this worrisome problem, Terrell • Hogan will continue to help keep you informed and safe.


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