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FDA Fosamax/Bisphosphonates – Femur Fracture Warning for Patients Who Take Bisphosphonates

In October 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a femur fracture warning informing patients and health care providers about the risk of atypical thigh bone (femur) fractures in patients who take bisphosphonates, such as

Drug Name (Trade):


·        Fosamax


·        Fosamax Plus D


·        Actonel


·        Actonel with Calcium


·        Boniva


·        Atelvia


·        Reclast





FOSAMAX® (alendronate) FACTS:


Fosamax® (alendronate) is a bisphosphonate that is used to prevent and treat certain types of bone loss such as osteoporosis. Studies have indicated that the medication could also lead to necrosis of the hip, knee and shoulder and a possible increased risk of femur fractures. Other studies have shown that the popular osteoporosis drug could increase the risk of the painful and potentially disfiguring jaw injury, known as osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ, Dead Jaw or Bis-Phossy Jaw).



What is Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ)


ü  Disfiguring and disabling condition


ü  Jaw bones (maxillae and mandibles) suffer literal bone death


ü  Infection and rotting of the jaw bone


What are the symptoms of ONJ?


ü  Typically begins with pain or numbness in the jaw or sinuses


ü  Loosening of the teeth or toothaches


ü  Lesions on gum


ü  Dramatic gum loss


ü  Exposed bone inside the mouth


Therapy for ONJ:


ü  Removal of large sections of necrotic bone


ü  Rendering patients unable to chew solid food


ü  If left untreated, ONJ can cause septicemia and death


ü  The disease can manifest itself even after discontinuation of therapy


If you or a family member have taken Fosamax® for osteoporosis or Paget’s disease of the bone, and developed problems with the femur, hip, shoulder, knee, shoulder or jaw, you should seek a free consultation regarding your legal rights. 

For all FDA warnings and recalls on bisphosphonate, click here.
WebMD – Drugs & Medications – Fosamax®


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