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This year at the American Association for Justice 2015 Winter Convention, the Injury Board is raising awareness and recruiting new speakers for the “Safe Driving Policy” in conjunction with Joel Feldman and End Distracted Driving (EndDD). Pennsylvania trial lawyer, Joel Feldman, and his wife, Dianne, established EndDD aimed at changing driving habits to honor the memory of his daughter, Casey, who was 21-years-old when she was killed by a distracted driver.
Wayne Hogan was unable to attend the convention but sent a message to Injury Board’s members:
“Working with Joel on this key public safety issue has been a great thing for us in our law firm and for me personally.
As far as I’m concerned, there’s no other thing a trial lawyer, or any of us, can do that so directly – and perhaps immediately – can save a life. We can literally stop a car from crashing and killing or paralyzing.
When you persuade a driver not to use their cell phone, hands free system or not, you’ve increased their chances of living a long and happy life.”
To date Wayne Hogan and Leslie Goller of Terrell • Hogan in Jacksonville have spoken to over 5,300 people about distracted driving since 2012.
The facts are clear that texting and driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving. That’s why, when you are injured by a driver who was texting or using a cell phone, consulting a Jacksonville auto accident attorney to help you seek justice may be the only way to make the driver face the conse¬quences, because it’s necessary to dig out the facts through records and testimony.
Awareness and action are needed. Distracted driving is more common than the flu. Who can say they haven’t done it? There’s only one job behind the wheel. Careful drivers focus just on that job. It’s easier than you might think to make changes so the total focus is on driving. We’ve found that people are relieved when they come to realize that their time behind the wheel is the one time in the day when they can’t be expected to respond to the cell phone when it rings, dings or vibrates. Letting it wait can help each of us arrive alive and makes the roadways safer for everyone.


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