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Distracted Driving Presentation Available For Employers

As a business owner, you protect your company with liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and computer security. But do you have a cell phone policy? One employee’s bad distracted driving accident could tarnish your brand and harm your bottom line.
As we celebrate Labor Day, we are reminding employers that Terrell • Hogan offers a free distracted driving awareness presentation For the Workforce to local businesses, non-profits and governmental units.
With car accidents killing more Americans on the job than anything else,we’ve seen how one text or call can wreck it all – for an employee and a business owner – if an employee causes a crash. Having a clear, enforced cell phone policy can help prevent tragedies and will also protect a company’s bottom line.
The free, 30-minute presentation highlights the science, dangers and consequences of distracted driving, new litigation trends and possible solutions, including examples of cell phone policies.
Cell phones, coupled with the latest dashboard technology, tempt us to treat our cars as offices, but the price can be steep when an employee causes an accident while using a cell phone in the course and scope of employment, even if it’s from the employee’s personal phone in their own car.
In addition to civil liability to compensate for injuring or killing someone, an employer could face punitive damages – which, as a rule, are not covered by insurance – property damage, loss of license, OSHA penalties, insurance claims and rate hikes, productivity loss and brand damage. In some states, criminal charges include manslaughter when texting while driving takes a life. Next will come prosecutions for reckless phone use when talking or fiddling with the phone kills someone. With the National Safety Council estimating more than a quarter of crashes involving cell phone use, employers are recognizing the risk and see the benefit of adopting cell phone policies.
To request a For the Workforce presentation for your business, non-profit or civic group, call (904) 632-2424 or email speakersbureau@terrellhogan.com.
Since The Terrell • Hogan Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign launched in 2012, our presentations For the Workforce, for adults, and End Distracted Driving, for high school students, have reached more than 5,800 people on the First Coast.
The End Distracted Driving presentation for teen drivers was created by the Casey Feldman Foundation and EndDD.org, in honor of the 21 year-old college student, who lost her life after a distracted driver struck and killed her in a crosswalk on her way to her summer job.
National Safety Council estimates 395 may be killed on roads this Labor Day holiday


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