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Clean Water in Florida is a Constitutional Right

Preservation of Florida’s clean water supply is a natural right guaranteed by the Florida Constitution Article II, Section 7:
SECTION 7.Natural resources and scenic beauty.— 
It shall be the policy of the state to conserve and protect its natural resources and scenic beauty. Adequate provision shall be made by law for the abatement of air and water pollution and of excessive and unnecessary noise and for the conservation and protection of natural resources
Terrell • Hogan Lawyers have long served on the St. Johns Riverkeeper’s Legal Committee because the preservation of the St. Johns River is critical. One of Terrell • Hogan’s lawyers, Leslie Goller, as a representative the St. Johns Riverkeeper attended the Floridians’ Clean Water Campaign lobby event in Tallahassee, with over 100 other organizations advocating for clean water.
Clean Water for Florida is not a partisan issue – it is a life issue. For centuries, we have been blessed with a generous Florida aquifer but it was taken for granted. Now it is compromised by salt water intrusion, over-withdrawal, pollution, and injection wells. Demand is exceeding its capacity. Instead of implementing mandatory conservations measures, “Alternative Water Resources”, a cosmetic word for surface water withdrawals from rivers, lakes, etc., are being used more and more. The St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) plan calls for the withdrawal of an additional 125+ million gallons of water a day from the St. Johns River and 85+ million gallons from one of its most important tributaries, the Ocklawaha River. Clean water is admitted to be in short supply and more valuable than gold, but all the while, the SJRWMD is issuing consumptive use permits to for-profit corporations to take Florida aquifer water at no cost and sell it for a profit.
The Clean Water Declaration Campaign provides much more information. The campaign link provides the ability to sign the Declaration. Florida’s elected officials, and those wanting to be elected this year, need to know that the people know about and believe in their constitutional right to the conservation and protection of Florida’s natural resources and will not tolerate its continued violation. Ask your current legislators and any candidates if they have signed the Declaration yet. The quality of our lives depend on it, and so does Florida’s economy.


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