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Wayne Hogan appeared on First Coast Connect and spoke with Melissa Ross about avoiding trouble and tragedy in Toyland this holiday season. A quarter of a million toy-related injuries were treated in US emergency rooms in 2013, and more than one-third were children five years and younger.

Small Parts

Hogan said choking on small parts remains a top concern, especially for kids three and younger. He demon­strated with a hand game with small gumball-sized basket­balls that could easily become lodged in a young child’s windpipe, resulting in death or severe brain injury.

He noted that when younger kids play with older ones and mix toys, they are exposed to age inappro­priate toys with small parts that can be broken off and swallowed. Parental vigilance is key. Using a toilet paper roll tube is an easy way to test whether a toy is appro­priate for a toddler three or younger. As Hogan demon­strated with a small plastic penguin, if it fits through the tube, it’s a choking hazard.

10 Worst Toy” List

Hogan also touched on toys from W.A. T.C.H.’s “10 Worst Toy” List 2014. Each year, the toys safety group, the World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.) nominates 10 hazardous toys on the shelves. This year, the list included five toys related to eye or facial injuries, four with small parts that were choking hazards and one involving a stran­gu­lation hazard.

Other dangerous toys for kids contain lead, cadmium, phtha­lates and other hazards like stran­gu­lation, balloons, magnets and noisy toys.

Toy Safety – Choking Hazards

To learn more about the toy recall list and to report unsafe toys, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission or call 1–800-638‑2772.

If you or a child has been injured by a defective or unsafe toy, consider having a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer represent you. At Terrell Hogan, we believe it is important to try and help prevent injuries and deaths by publishing important recalls and safety infor­mation about defective and dangerous toys.