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Terrell Hogan has always been a strong supporter of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (“JALA”) with not only financial contri­bu­tions, but also with time. JALA’s motto is “A Wealth of Justice For Those Who Have Neither,” which coincides with Terrell Hogan’s goal of helping you overcome injustice by repre­senting the injured as they seek justice.

Recently, Terrell Hogan was one of the first law firms to achieve 100% attorney contri­bution partic­i­pation in the Jacksonville Bar Association’s fundraiser for JALA — the 30/60 CHALLENGE FOR JALA. Similar to the ALS challenge, on achieving 100% partic­i­pation, Terrell Hogan challenged 3 other defense law firms, who defend State Farm insurance company to prove that they are indeed “like a good neighbor,” the State Farm slogan, by also obtaining 100% attorney contri­bution partic­i­pation.

The past two Novembers, Terrell Hogan has also provided pro bono assis­tance to our community through JALA by partic­i­pating in Estate Planning Intake Night. During these intake nights, Terrell Hogan attorneys met with low-income people who needed legal services such as a will, advance direc­tives, or help with probate. This year, the Terrell Hogan attorneys partic­i­pating were Jim Terrell, Alan Pickert and Leslie A. Goller.

Terrell Hogan Attorney Leslie A. Goller has served on JALA’s Board of Directors and as its President and continues to serve on the JALA Foundation Board of Directors. Leslie A. Goller also serves on the Board of Directors for Florida Legal Services, Inc., a statewide nonprofit organi­zation also providing civil legal assis­tance to indigent persons who would not otherwise have the means to obtain a lawyer.