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Terrell, Hogan, Ellis, McClamma and Yegelwel repre­sented Faunce Mac McCully for injuries he sustained when a driver pulled out in front of his motor­cycle. Mac suffered several broken bones and underwent two surgeries requiring the use of hardware to correct the fractures. However, like a surprising number of drivers on the road, the at-fault driver had no insurance.

Fortu­nately, Mac had opted for stacking uninsured motorist coverage on his three personal vehicles. If he had not chosen this additional coverage, Mac would have shoul­dered the entire burden of his out-of-pocket medical expenses and his months of lost earnings. Our attorneys success­fully negotiated the maximum settlement amount possible under Macs policy of insurance. He was compen­sated not only for his time missed from work, but he also had a fund created to deal with the injury-related medical issues as they arise in the future.