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AAJ Jan 2015 CoverTerrell Hogan attorney Matt Sowell, who focuses his practice on repre­senting victims of medical malpractice and clients who have suffered complex injuries, recently authored an article Present the Whole Picture in Stroke Cases that appeared in the January edition of Trial, the official publi­cation of the American Associ­ation of Justice (AAJ). The AAJ is the largest organi­zation of trial attorneys in the United States. Matt is the chairman of the AAJ’s Stroke Litigation Group.

Written for fellow attorneys repre­senting stroke victims and their loved ones, the article under­scores stroke as a rapidly growing public health crisis and, conse­quently carrying the increased likelihood that more trial attorneys will be asked to inves­tigate cases stemming from brain damage caused by stroke.

The article explores the two types of stroke: hemor­rhagic — when a blood vessel ruptures and releases blood into the brain tissue; and ischemic — a stroke caused by a decrease in blood flow to the brain. Particular emphasis is given to Warning Strokes (transient ischemic attacks (TIA) or mini-strokes) which cause no permanent brain damage, but strongly indicate that condi­tions exist for a major stroke to occur.

Sowell discusses the four categories of claims that stem from stroke cases: stroke caused by injury, medication-induced stroke, failure to recognize or treat stroke and negligent treatment of a person having a stroke. With strokes, the earlier they are recog­nized and treated, the greater likelihood of a better outcome; many medical facil­ities use the phrases, “Time Equals Brain” and “Time lost is brain lost” to emphasize the impor­tance of prompt response.

Matt also explores the proper use of neuroimaging and experts to assess the unique causation issues in a stroke case and the stroke victims’ injuries. He also delves into some common arguments used by hospital and other medical provider defense counsel. Finally, the article makes sugges­tions for optimizing the clients’ recovery by exploring the devas­tating impact stroke can have on the stroke victims and their loved ones’ finances and quality of life.

Matt SowellCases involving stroke are extremely compli­cated and require unique medical expertise and under­standing of this medical condition. If you or a loved one has suffered brain damage from a stroke and believe it may have been someone else’s fault, consider having Terrell Hogan represent you. To reach attorney Matt Sowell, call (904) 722‑2228 or email him at sowell@terrellhogan.com.