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Jacksonville Transit Authority’s (JTA’s) Making Moves show tackled an important public safety issue: distracted driving. As part of Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April, Joyce Morgan Danford encouraged drivers to put down their cell phones when behind the wheel and save lives.

The piece explored several educa­tional campaigns, including Terrell Hogan’s Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign, dedicated to helping saves lives by getting the word out about the dangers of distracted driving.

Jacksonville car accident attorneys know all to well the terrible injuries suffered when texting, talking and web surfing on the phone causes accidents. The firm gives End Distracted Driving presen­ta­tions to local high school students. The hour-long talk gives teens a sobering glimpse of the tragedies and faces of distracted driving, including its legal conse­quences and offers strategies to combat it.

The End Distracted Driving program for students was created and inspired by the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation and the End Distracted Driving Student Awareness Initiative in memory of Casey Feldman, a 21 year-old pedes­trian who lost her life to a distracted driver. Last year, the firm teamed up with these organi­za­tions and 60 for Safety as part of a nationwide effort to bring trial attorneys into their local high schools to educate teens about the dangers of distracted driving.

Wayne Hogan recently expanded these educa­tional efforts. The Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign for the Workforce presen­tation was created to help keep local employers and their workers safe. Partic­i­pants are surprised to learn that if an employee is in a crash – even if in personal car using a personal phone — the employer could be held liable if they made a work-related commu­ni­cation.

Presen­ta­tions for both students and the workforce are compli­mentary and available year-round. Call (904) 722‑2228 or email us at speakersbureau@terrellhogan.com to schedule a talk.