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Trustee_Member_FSCHS_logoIncor­po­rated in 1977, the Society is a non-profit organi­zation with more than 800 members committed to helping Floridians learn the impor­tance of a strong, fair and impartial judiciary in our govern­mental balance of power. It works to save and maintain for future gener­a­tions the records of the people and events that have shaped the evolution of Florida’s court system from the early 1800s, through the 20th Century, and now in the 21st.

The Society’s members are dedicated to educating citizens about the courts’ vital role in our system of government and to preserving our state’s judicial history. Many Society members are lawyers and judges, who work daily within the justice system. Others are educators, business people, public officials and other “private citizens.”

The Society needs the partic­i­pation and support of individuals who recognize the impor­tance of protecting and maintaining a strong, independent system of justice. Becoming a member of this organi­zation help with this criti­cally important effort. We all — whether a member of Florida’s legal community, a member of the judiciary, a public official, or an individual citizen, — have an interest in the goals of the society.

For more infor­mation about becoming a member of the Florida Supreme Court Historical Society, click here.