Consumer Law Lawyer, Leslie Goller

First Coast News consumer reporter, Ken Amaro, recently consulted Terrell • Hogan attorney Leslie A. Goller, who handles consumer law cases and is a member of National Association of Consumer Attorneys. He wanted to know who has the burden of proof in a consumer case. Ken Amaro (“I’m calling Ken”) was investigating and reporting on a homeowner’s claim that her house had been damaged by heavy construction equipment operating on the lot next door. Leslie advised that legally a plaintiff has the burden of proof. She also suggested that the homeowner make a claim with her homeowner’s insurance, who then might have a subrogation claim against the construction company and/or the commercial property owner. The story appears on the First Coast News website: Did construction of Dollar General damage residential property?
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Wayne Hogan

Wayne Hogan

Wayne Hogan, a Jacksonville native, has been with the firm since 1977. He graduated from Florida State University, where he received both his bachelor’s and J.D. degrees. He specializes in all areas of personal injury law. In addition to participating in many professional associations, he and his wife, Pat, are also actively involved in the community.